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What To Consider When Buying A Property (Outside Of The Home)

When it comes to buying a property, there are a number of considerations that must be made. Buyers will visit the home multiple times to ensure that they understand the purchase they are about to make, as well as the amount they wish to offer. Alongside this, structural checks will take place, as well as those from lenders, to ensure that the home is accurately advertised and safe for sale.

While these checks are crucial for a property purchase, they tend to omit the equally important and often overlooked consideration of a local environment.

Many homes are purchased based upon the quality and design of the building only for buyers to later realise that the local area, whether involving neighbours or traffic, is not quite what they expected. While it can be difficult to predict every outcome, there are certain checks that buyers can make to ensure that they have a good understanding of the qualities outside of the home.

Time Of Day

Viewings tend to take place during office hours, with estate agents showcasing a home to potential buyers. While this is a logical time for visiting a property, it prevents visitors from witnessing a home during both the morning and evening hours.

During such periods, neighbours are more likely to be home, helping to showcase potential noise issues. The daytime also does a poor job of demonstrating traffic and parking arrangements, since most vehicles will be elsewhere, returning in the evening and causing issues.

As such, potential buyers should visit the property outside of office hours to inspect the local area at all times of day.

Privacy And Security

When viewing a property from the inside, it is easy to be enamoured by vistas and aesthetics. However, a homeowner should also be aware of privacy and security considerations. Buyers should try to inspect the home from outside, seeking even to gain unsolicited access so as to understand how safe and comfortable a property is.

Gardens are a particularly interesting asset because, while appealing, they can often be susceptible to the gaze of passersby. This is why many are now opting for log cabins and other enclosed garden spaces, so as to enjoy the comfort of an outdoor space without concern for nosy neighbours.

Buyers would also do well to check the social media groups of local residents since this will help to portray and potential issues the area experiences.

All Year Round

There are a number of annual occurrences that might not be experienced during a property viewing. Local events can cause disruption during holidays, for example, or even limit access to a property. There is also the consideration of weather conditions, which can dramatically change throughout the year. While it can be hard to ascertain how a home will be affected, neighbours may be able to inform buyers about considerations.

To understand how a property will be experienced throughout the year is a great challenge but it is worthwhile to get as clear a picture as possible, so as to ensure that no surprises occur months after an exchange has taken place.

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