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What is Living in Abu Dhabi Like?

Abu Dhabi is a modern metropolis offering a great lifestyle for its citizens. It is a cultural melting pot where people from all over the world have settled because of the amazing amenities and lavish options it offers. This blog will provide you with some insights if you’re thinking about moving to Abu Dhabi or are just wondering about what it’s like to live there.

  • Cost of Living

Living in Abu Dhabi is relatively expensive compared to many other cities in the world. The cost of housing, groceries, and transportation can be quite expensive, but there is no personal income tax, making it an attractive place to work and live. You can buy property in Abu Dhabi for investment purposes, and in the future, it will surely help you in gaining high returns.

  • Transportation

Move to Abu Dhabi if you want to live a great life, as it is equipped with a well-developed public transportation system. The city has an extensive bus network that covers most areas, and taxis are readily available. The city is also developing a metro system that will connect the major areas of the city. If you prefer to drive, there are plenty of car rental options available.

  • Culture

You may find a blend of traditional and modern lifestyles in Abu Dhabi, a city that values its culture and traditions. Despite the city’s modernity and progress, it’s crucial to maintain regional traditions and customs. Arabic is the official language of the country, but English is also commonly used.

  • Food

With a vast range of food from throughout the world, Abu Dhabi is a food lover’s delight. There is food for everyone, including regional Emirati specialties as well as Asian, European, and American options. The city offers both expensive dining places with fine dining and gourmet cafe options as well as less expensive options like street food, food courts, and small cafés.

  • Entertainment

The entertainment industry in Abu Dhabi is flourishing, with several events and festivals held all year round. World-class museums, art galleries, theatres, and cinemas can be found in the city. Families can enjoy the numerous water parks and amusement parks there as well. Abu Dhabi has top-notch tennis courts, golf courses, and equestrian facilities if you enjoy sports.

  • Education

Abu Dhabi has a well-developed education system, with a variety of schools and universities with a wide range of courses for everyone. If you are planning to move to Abu Dhabi, there are international schools that follow the American, British, or International Baccalaureate curriculums, as well as local schools that follow the Arabic curriculum. The city is also home to several reputable universities offering a range of top undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

  • Healthcare

Both public and private hospitals in Abu Dhabi provide high-quality medical care, and the country has a high standard of healthcare. Numerous top-notch medical facilities with the latest technology and highly qualified staff are located around the city. The majority of expats use private health insurance to pay for medical costs.

  • Safety

With a low crime rate and significant law and order, Abu Dhabi is considered one of the safest cities in the world. The city maintains a rigid code of conduct, and public conduct is controlled to preserve a tranquil and pleasant atmosphere.


Living in Abu Dhabi is a unique and enriching experience. The city provides a high standard of living with top-notch services and facilities. It is an exciting city to live in because of the diversity of its cultures, traditions, and modern way of life.

Narek Harpo
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