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What Is a Sewer Inspection & Do You Need One?

The sewer system for your property may not be something you give a lot of thought to. A lot of homeowners don’t know a lot about their sewers, including what a sewer inspection is and whether you should arrange one. It’s probably fair to say that it’s likely that sewer systems are only given consideration when something goes wrong.

The pipes in a sewer carry away the waste from your kitchen, bathrooms and laundry, and any other plumbing components that exist. Because the pipes are connected to all the drains at the property, all sorts of debris and waste matter move through the pipes and can cause blockages and possibly lead to severe damage if not dealt with urgently.

Ideally, you don’t want to reach a point where there is a problem, so it is strongly advised to regularly inspect and clean sewer pipes and drains so they remain in good order and the system will continue to operate effectively.

The plumbing inside your home often continues to work, regardless of any issues occurring underground, so unfortunately issues with your sewer system can stay hidden for some time. Don’t take well-draining sinks and flushing toilets to mean all is well – the condition of your sewer system may be deteriorating without any signs.

What Is a Sewer Line Inspection?

A sewer inspection is a relatively simple process that is carried out by drain experts such as The Drain Man, who use a specialist CCTV pipe inspection camera to view the inside of the pipes. The robotic CCTV cameras are mounted on mobile pipeline inspection vehicles ensuring inspections can happen anywhere.

As these clever plumbing cameras make their way through the drains and sewers, they collect high-quality, accurate vision and can assess the condition of the pipes. The camera is able to move along the entire length of the sewer system, giving a thorough assessment of any evident damage such as cracks, collapsed pipe, tree root invasion, debris blockages or other issues.

You will be given a detailed report outlining the condition of the pipes, as well as the invert level, flow direction and the location of any blockages. Your drain specialist will be able to advise you on how to repair any damage and also on how to prevent issues into the future.

When Is a Sewer Inspection Needed?

Because sewer pipes are important and expensive assets to a property, it is crucial to try to minimise any damage to them by scheduling regular inspections and undertaking any necessary repairs and maintenance. Keeping on top of drain inspections will allow you to manage your costs over the years and hopefully avoid major problems.

Another reason to book a sewer inspection is to find the location of the sewer pipes on your property. This information isn’t always available when you move into somewhere new and is essential if you are planning on doing any digging or major excavating.

Sending a sewer camera into your system is also highly recommended prior to buying a property so you can assess any existing damage or blockages. It gives you the opportunity to negotiate responsibility with the current owner, so you’re not left dealing with unpleasant surprises a few months down the track.

How to Deal with a Sewer Issue

Have you noticed any strange noises or unpleasant smells inside your home? Symptoms such as basins that have started to drain slowly or noisy pipes while the bath is emptying means you very likely have a blocked drain that will require urgent assistance from the professionals.

The qualified and skilled operators at The Drain Man are drain experts with the latest sewer inspection cameras who can quickly diagnose and rectify your sewer problem. Once a sewer line inspection clarifies the issue, your specialist will be able to guide you on the course of action to take.

If the trouble is caused by cracked or broken sections of pipe, there is no need to worry about a costly and disruptive replacement of the system. Drain relining is an innovative procedure that will have your pipes as good as new in no time, if not better and stronger than before! No excavation is required, a drain liner made of felt and specially formulated resins is inserted into the pipes via specific entry points. Once inside it is inflated and left to cure so your pipes are strong and leak proof.

In the case of a clog in your pipes, caused by a buildup of waste matter from your sinks and showers, or tree roots that have invaded them, the drain cleaning and repair processes will be outlined. High-pressure water jetting is used to clear the pipes and will have them draining well again.

Don’t put this job off for too long or wait for gurgling pipes or a putrid smell inside your house. Book in a sewer inspection with the experienced and qualified team at The Drain Man. They are happy to have a chat to answer any questions you may have and can carry out a quick and effective inspection at a time that suits you. Call to speak to them or enquire about their range of services online.

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