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The Allure of a Swim-Up Bar: Why is it So Popular?

If you’ve ever gone vacationing at a resort, you know what it’s like to enjoy a cool drink while sitting by the pool. What if you could bring that same experience home? With a swim-up bar, you can relax while sitting on a barstool, inside your pool. There will be a countertop in front of you, where you can place your food and drinks, while you rest.

Swim-up bars are increasingly becoming popular with homeowners, as they can now bring the experience of swimming in a resort, to their very own backyards. Do you have a family that loves to spend hours by the fibreglass pool? Maybe you enjoy entertaining people by your pool. Either way, a swim-up bar can be an excellent addition to your home.

When you’re planning to have your fibreglass pool installed, you can ask the pool installer to integrate a swim-up bar as well.

What is a swim-up bar?

A swim-up bar is a customized feature that you can have added to your fibreglass pool. Swim-up bars generally come with barstools where you and your guests can sit, as well as a countertop. If you also have an outdoor kitchen, then you can place your swim-up bar near that. You’ll easily be able to bring food and drinks for your guests from your outdoor kitchen to your swim-up bar.

You can also add a special serving area to your swim-up bar, which is usually placed outside your fibreglass swimming pools Perth. This area of the swim-up bar is called its dry side.

What comes with your swim-up bar?

With your swim-up bar, you will be able to add as many barstools as you like, provided there’s enough space to install them. You can choose to just have two barstools added, or you can even add five. These will be built into the floor of your pool. The barstools are placed such that the top portion of the pool, is positioned just below the water line. That way, when anyone sits on these barstools, then half of their body will be under the water.

This makes it easy for your guests to hold their food or drinks, while never having to leave your fibreglass pool. The countertop that you get added can also be of any design that you want. You can choose a countertop that’s straight or one that’s curved.

What you should consider when adding a swim-up bar to your pool

You can think about covering the exterior of the countertop of your swim-up bar, with decorative tiles. This is becoming more and more popular among pool owners as well. The decorative tile you use in your countertop can be used in other places in your backyard, such as the pool deck, or even in your outdoor kitchen. This will enable you to better integrate the design of your swim-up bar, with your backyard aesthetic.

There are also homeowners who have their swim-up bars designed such that it contrasts the design of their homes. If you want your swim-up bar to be the focal point of your backyard, then you can deliberately opt for a design that enables it to stand out.

Additional features you can add

You’ll also need to consider what you can do to block the rays of the Sun from beating down on your swim-up bar. Say you and your guests are using your fibreglass pool during the afternoon. You don’t want the heat of the Sun to affect them while they use your swim-up bar. This is why adding a shaded structure over your swim-up bar could be a great idea. That way, when anyone sits on the barstools in your swim-up bar after a long swim in your pool, they can enjoy a refreshing drink in the shade.

A swim-up bar essentially consists of the barstools and countertop, fixed into one part of your pool. But you can choose to add more features, to make your outdoor bar area truly elaborate. We’ve already mentioned that you can have an outdoor kitchen installed near your swim-up bar. Often, homeowners will add everything from necessary appliances, to even a chiller in their outdoor kitchens. To give the people using your swim-up bar something to do while they relax, you can even add an outdoor TV monitor to your pool area.

Are you planning to get a swim-up bar installed?

Both styles as well as functionality should be considered when you think about what kind of swim-up bar you should get for your fibreglass pool. However, even more, important than this is knowing how much space you have available to install a swim-up bar in.

How much space you have in your backyard, as well as how much of your pool you can devote to your swim-up bar are important. These will dictate what kind of a swim-up bar you can add to your home. Before the swim-up bar installation process starts, ensure that you talk to your pool installer about how well the swim-up bar will integrate into your backyard.

It’s possible for you to have a swim-up bar added to an already existing pool as well, however, it’s better to have them added during your initial pool installation process. There will be two sides to your swim-up bar. These are the dry side and the wet side.

The dry side of the bar includes the countertop, and should you have an outdoor kitchen installed next to your pool, then that, as well. You can even add barstools to the dry side of your swim-up bar, to give people more space to sit. The wet side of your swim-up bar is the part that’s still in the pool. This usually includes just the barstools that have been attached to the floor of your pool. This is usually where guests who are swimming in the pool, will come to when they want to rest.


Adding a swim-up bar to your fibreglass pool can be a great idea. A swim-up bar allows you to bring a resort-like experience to your home. Your family and friends will be able to enjoy sipping on cool drinks or eating food, while still being in the pool. Use this guide to learn everything there is to know about a swim-up bar.

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