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Signs that Your Water Heater May Be Due for Maintenance or Repair

Your water heater is a crucial component of your home. When it’s unreliable, you’re left taking cold showers, putting laundry on hold, and letting dishes pile in the sink. No one wants to live that way, which is why regularly maintaining your water heater is so crucially important!

The average lifespan of a water heater is around ten years, but they can last for longer if they’re properly cared for in your home. Taking a short amount of time to have a professional evaluate your water heater can add years to its lifespan. Plus, a well-maintained water heater can cost you between 12-15% less on your monthly energy bills.

If it’s been longer than you can remember since you had your water heater inspected, there may be necessary repairs that, if caught early, can save you from a very costly repair or replacement fees. So what are some signs it’s time to call a water heater repair professional for an evaluation?

  • Hot water is turning cold faster than it used to: Maybe you used to be able to do a full load of dishes, then take a hot bath afterward, and then the rest of your family would shower without trouble. Now, you find yourself rinsing shampoo as fast as you can, worried your shower will turn frigid. If you’ve noticed a significant change in the amount of hot water available daily, having a water heater technician inspect your components can help determine any underlying problems.
  • Rust-colored water coming out of your faucets: This is grounds for calling a technician immediately since this problem can have two sources. You may have a water source issue or an issue with an internal component in the water heater itself. A certified technician can help you determine the rust source and the best plan of action to fix the problem.
  • Wet floor or walls near your water heater: Your water heater may have a leak, which can be indicative of an internal failure. If you’re noticing water near your heating unit, it’s time to call a professional before the leaking gets worse. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a simple internal repair but left unchecked, and you may need a replacement water heater.
  • Popping noises coming from your water heater while the water is being heated: This can mean there’s a faulty part within the heating elements that’s gone bad due to age or wear and tear. Depending on the severity of the issue, heating elements can typically be replaced on their own without having to repair or replace any other components.

If you’re noticing your water heater exhibiting any of these symptoms, it’s time to call a plumbing company for help. A certified, reputable plumber will have the experience to handle any water heater issue, no matter if you just need maintenance, repair, or a full replacement.

Not noticing any problems, but can’t remember the last time your water heater had an inspection? A professional opinion can help keep your water heater in top shape. Get the quality work you deserve and call a local plumbing company for an inspection today.

Narek Harpo
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