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Real Estate Investment: Upgrading Properties for Resale

Whether you buy and sell property as a homeowner or as an investor, upgrading your space will boost resale value.

Those serious about investing in real estate are equally serious about making the most of their money. House flipping has become increasingly common in the modern world, providing the average homeowner with an opportunity to make serious cashflow without ever having to become and official business. Buying and selling real estate in the UK has become an expensive game in the last few years, so real estate investors have to work hard to make the same cash they made in the pre-pandemic era.

If you wish to increase your chances at real estate success, you need to know about property upgrades and home improvements. Let’s discuss some common property upgrades you could make if you want to maximise ROI on your next investment. Don’t forget to check out funding sources via They offer HELOC products that can help you unlock enough cash to make the upgrades. You will make it back in the resell anyway, so you might as well turn a real profit.

Upgrading Properties for Resale

Follow this guide if you want to upgrade properties for resale and make a profit straight out the gate, rather than down the line.

Step 1

Start with a property that is in fairly good condition and ease yourself in gently. House flipping is profitable but you need to build your experience level slowly. Unless you have a huge stack of cash, you want to leave the fixer uppers for later. Get a property that needs a new boiler, a paintjob, the garden tidied, or new wet room furnishings. Start small.

Step 2

Plan the order of the upgrades. Don’t paint before you refurbish, don’t put in new carpets before you paint, etc. Be meticulous about this. Think about limitations too. Are you living onsite? If so, you will need fresh water and a toilet in place if the ones in the property aren’t working yet. Step 2 is always about planning how this will work.

Step 3

Apportioning jobs and time slots are the next steps. You need to arrange who you are hiring and what you are doing yourself. Never DIY something you are not sure about. A DIY mistake could cost double what it would have to have called in a professional to begin with. If water, gas, or electricity is involved, leave it to the experts. You will have to schedule when they come and again, this is down to planning. Do things in the right order.

Assigning a project manager is never a bad idea if you have the money.

Step 4

Only when you have planned your home improvements to fine detail should you consider starting. Once work is underway, you can think about how you are going to resell. Remember not to style the place for your taste in a resell. Make it neutral and keep your colours clean for the best chance at property investment success.

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