How Water Polo Can Benefit You

There is a huge variety of sports available nowadays. The kind of sports you choose to play in your leisure time can largely depend on the outcomes you’re looking for. Many people play sports to facilitate a healthy lifestyle and keep fit. This makes water polo a good sport you can play to get healthy.

Water polo can be described as a hybrid of football and basketball, but the players are submerged in the water.

Advantages of regularly playing water polo

As an exercise routine or sport, water polo has several positive health effects. Some of them include:

Full body exercise

Being able to strengthen your entire body is one of the benefits of playing water polo. You can develop every muscle in your body, including your core, upper body, and lower body. Individuals who play water polo can develop their muscles using countless diverse practices. They can combine land exercises with water polo to enhance the positive effect of the exercises. For instance, you could lift weights in the gym to increase the strength and size of your muscles. Then, you can dive into the swimming pool for a water polo session to train the same set of muscles. This combination of exercises will give you an added benefit. It is a highly comprehensive approach that will improve your overall performance and make you healthy.

Build endurance

Water polo is a demanding sport that tests a player’s physical limits while boosting endurance and stamina. This is advantageous since it enables you to work out for a longer period without becoming tired. It also helps in developing your athletic strength. Several studies have also shown that exercises that improve endurance are also able to lower oxidative stress. This will help to reduce the risk of serious complications like cancer and diabetes.

Burns calories

Few sports can condition a player as well as water polo can. During a single match, a player swims around 1500 meters. Competitors also have to tread water for a significant length of time in defensive and offensive positions. Also, during the games, there are essentially no intervals for players. A game of water polo burns, on average, 680 calories in an hour, according to some studies. This is a huge value for such a short amount of time. Even jogging on your treadmill will burn only around 500 calories. This makes water polo wonderful for burning calories.

Improves cardiovascular health

There is a lot of movement involved with water polo. All this movement will make the heart pump more blood. It is necessary to engage in aerobic exercise for a minimum of 30 minutes every day to maintain optimal heart health. If your heart pumps faster than its resting rate, you can reduce the risk of developing serious heart-related ailments. It will also help repair any heart damage and get the heart back in good shape. Water polo will allow you to get this cardio workout on a regular basis, making it one of the best exercises for maintaining heart health.

Work wonders for shoulder troubles

You may be unable to play water polo soon after a shoulder injury owing to its complexity. After you have healed some, you should begin by practising swimming and work your way up to playing water polo. This form of exercise is also thought to be among the greatest arm exercises for men and women alike. But when trying to play soon after recovering from an injury, take the advice of your healthcare provider to exercise without aggravating the injury.

Enhances hand-eye coordination

Speed, self-awareness, and coordination are key components in water polo. However, one of the most crucial abilities you can develop by playing water polo is good hand-eye coordination. Water polo is a difficult sport, even if it may not seem so while watching it. It takes extraordinary skill to position the ball, gather momentum to toss it, and maintain your balance while floating above the water.

Good for joints

The swimming pool is the best place to be if you have had an accident or have frequent joint pain. Playing water polo is a great way to prevent joint pain and begin developing the muscles surrounding your joints. Your daily struggles will gradually become easier as a result, and slowly, your bones will arrive in excellent condition.

Helps in relieving stress

Water polo is a good sport to play to wash away all your stress. When your mental strain increases, your body starts to feel stiff and uncomfortable. You can easily relieve this strain through intense exercise like water polo. If you’re looking for a way to do this, consider fibreglass pools Newcastle to help you install a pool.

Enhances problem-solving and social skills

Playing water polo is excellent for improving problem-solving skills. You will learn numerous defensive strategies and how to exploit them. You will also learn to play in coordination with others. It also takes quick thinking to identify the optimum scenario while playing water polo.

People can also improve their social skills while participating in water polo. To succeed in water polo, good teamwork and communication are essential. So, this will allow you to hone your interpersonal skills. You will also be able to make numerous friends of different ages and backgrounds.

Teaches strategy

You will typically need to plan with your team to adequately outperform the opposition team in a water polo match. Furthermore, you will be able to improve all facets of your life by paying attention to this and putting it into practice. Additionally, developing mental resilience aids in lowering the stress you encounter in both your personal and professional life.

Improves appetite

Water polo and swimming are exercises that stimulate a healthy appetite. As your appetite increases, be mindful of eating nutritious meals. Junk food should be avoided since it will have a negative impact.

Wrapping up

Water polo, without a doubt, is a comprehensive sport. It is incredibly healthy, works every muscle in the body, stimulates blood flow, and is wonderful for the back. Additionally, this sport is extremely enjoyable and addictive. It is also an excellent exercise for people to burn fat.

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