How using a buyers agent can help you save money and time

In Australia, buyers’ agents are becoming more popular every day. There is no doubt that they have the potential to save us time and money in order to find the perfect property for our needs. Numerous studies show just how much assistance a buyer’s agent can provide during this process: not only saving people months of searching but also providing valuable information about negotiation techniques or listing price point.

If you’re looking at properties outside your budget range it’s time to get smart about the way you invest your time. Stop wasting your valuable free time on weekends and start get help from a real estate professional who can help you achieve real results. With the right professional by your side you’ll be amazed by the type of properties you’ll find. Get the right properties in your scope and you may also be able to save a lot of money by purchasing a house that really suits your needs.

Why money matters

With so much at stake when buying a property, it is important to make sure you do not overpay and ensure that the investment will perform well. The best way of doing this would be by using an agent who specialises in the suburb you are interested in. Agents who specialise in a particular suburb have likely spent years helping buyers purchase property in particular areas. They can help you set the right expectations so you don’t get too disappointed when things don’t go your way.

A buyer’s agent can also advice you on the likely potential of a property. You may be looking to buy a property to rent or to live in for a while until it’s valuable enough to sell and make a profit from. Whatever the plan is, your buyer’s agent will ensure you’re purchasing a property that ticks all your boxes.

5 more reasons why you should hire a buyers agent for your next property purchase


Minimises stress

If you are looking to buy property, it can be an emotional and frustrating experience. This is why I recommend that people use a buyer’s agent who will help make this process less stressful for them.

Get access to a wider range of properties

Buyers’ agents are always looking for new opportunities to make a more lucrative purchase. They often have better luck finding off-market properties, which adds to the properties already widely advertised. You’ll get a wider variety of house options to choose from.

Expert property advice you won’t find anywhere else

As the first step towards finding a property, buyers often employ agents to guide them in their search. Buyers’ agents can advise you about important decisions like which suburb is best for your needs or budget expectations.

Objective and impartial advice for buying a property

Buyers’ agents are driven by different motivations when compared to real estate agents. They focus on the quality and your expectations of the property. Unfortunately real estate agents are usually to focussed on making a profit by driving up the commission rather than looking after your best interests.

A simple transaction process

When you’re buying a house, it can be daunting to navigate the process all alone. The different steps and the order to approach them can become confusing. Fortunately your buyers agent can guide you through the entire process. From negotiating with sellers and working out mortgage terms with lenders, a buyers’ agent can be there for you every step of the way.

Final thoughts

Without the skills and knowledge of a buyer’s agent by your side, you may end up overpaying for property, wasting both your time and money. So make the right choice for your next property purchase. It’s always best to choose a real estate professional with your best interests in mind. Buyers’ Agents have been there and done it before. They know all the tricks and loopholes to watch out for. So are you ready to get a genuine real estate professional on your side during the property buying process? Then get in touch with a Buyer’s Agent Melbourne specialist today!

Narek Harpo
the authorNarek Harpo