How To Use Wood In Your Interior Design Like A Pro

Wood is a favorite building material for most homeowners. It has been used for centuries and does not seem to bore the millennia. Wood is timeless and durable.

It has unique qualities that make it the preferred material for interior design with a taste of sophistication. It can also be used for making unique furniture pieces and other interior accessories such as wood frame mirror.

Properties of wood

  • Strength and flexibility- Wood get its string property from the many interlocked fibers in its grain. The cells in the wood also affect how strong the wood can be. Cross-grained fiber results in weak and warped pieces, while straight grains make strong pieces.

  • Toughness- This relates to wood’s ability to change shape due to pressure. A tough wood is that which has a compact interlocked grain structure. Wood can bend and warp without breaking. This makes it ideal for making various household fixtures.

  • Durability- there’re two types of wood depending on the tree it is harvested from hardwood and softwood. Hardwood is more durable than softwood. Hardwood is resistant to insect and pests attacks, while softwood requires treatment to keep insects away.

  • Density- Hardwood tends to be denser than softwood. Lightwood has thin cell walls that allow a lot of air inside. On the other hand, hard timber has small cell cavities allowing little air through the wood. The denser the timber, the more durable it becomes.

Types of wood used in interior design

The type of wood you choose for your interior design determines the durability and beauty of the fixtures in the house. Some types of natural wood ideal for interior design include

  • Oak
  • Walnut
  • Cedar
  • Cherry
  • Lyptus
  • Alder

Exciting ways to use wood in your interior

  • Wooden flooring

Wood is an excellent choice for the floor because it is sophisticated and warm. Parquet flooring is appealing especially oak planks treated with oil or varnish. Wood for parquet comes in various colors, shapes, thicknesses, lengths, and widths

  • Paneling

When paneling is done professionally it can look classic and appealing. While paneling may sound old-fashioned for some people, it can make your interior sophisticated. It’s a suitable option if accompanied by other countryside interior pieces.

  • Separating wall options

As already mentioned, wood is beautiful when processed professionally. It can be used as vertical planks to separate various rooms within the house. You can achieve a classic appeal by using well-dressed vertical planks a few inches from each other to leave some open gaps on the wall.

Such creativity can create a separate room within an office or house and still allow significant privacy.

  • Ceiling

A wooden ceiling was traditionally to enhance warmth inside a room.  To date, renovators use it to achieve classic interiors options. The wood of different tones and textures can be used to get an appealing ceiling. The more appealing effect can be realized if the wood planks assume different sizes and patterns.

Wood is a timeless building material. It can be used for different functions to enhance a home’s interior.

Narek Harpo
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