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How to Keep Your Home Clean and Disinfected during the Pandemic

The decreasing number of infections and deaths indicate that COVID is on the wane. But the threat persists and negligence can prove fatal. Taking proper precautions like keeping a distance from people and ensuring proper hygiene standards will help keep the virus at bay. But apart from your hygiene, it is also important to keep your home clean and regularly disinfect it. There are chances of the virus entering our home with the dirt on our shoes or through other means. Therefore, regularly sanitize your home, especially the areas that are often touched by the members of the household. Be it any kind of home, a 2 BHK in Thane, a luxury apartment, or a villa, here are a few ways that will help you to clean and disinfect your home during the pandemic.


Hard Surfaces 


Certain surfaces like doorknobs, switches, tables, chairs, faucets, sinks, countertops, and similar products are regularly touched by multiple members of the household. That is why it is necessary to sanitize these surfaces to rid them of any traces of the virus. Even at the time of cleaning, you should follow some rules. It is necessary to wear gloves and the dirty surfaces should be first cleaned with soap and water. Once the dirt is removed, you can use a sanitizer for extra protection. You can also use bleach but make sure that it does not damage the furniture or the surface. Also when the cleaning is in the process the room should be well ventilated.




Mobile phones, laptops, tablets, smart watches, etc. have become an integral part of our lives and are regularly accessed by people. We take along with us, electronic equipment like mobile phones when venturing out of our homes. This increases the possibility of these devices coming in contact with the virus. If the electronic item has virus onto it, it can prove harmful for the occupants of the house. Upon returning, immediately disinfect your mobile phone. Clean the item with the help of a spray that comprises around 70 percent alcohol. Follow the same process with other frequently touched items. 


Fabrics And Soft Surfaces 


Soft surfaces and laundry also need to be disinfected but the process is different as compared to that of a hard surface. Pay special care when cleaning and disinfecting clothes, pillows, cushion covers, carpets, and other such products. Wash soft products in warm water and then leave them to dry. Before using or storing them, ensure that no moisture remains. You also need to follow the instructions of the manufacturer when cleaning or disinfecting fabrics to avoid harm to the product. Always wear gloves if you are cleaning the laundry of a person who is ill. Once you are done with the cleaning process, discard the disposable gloves and thoroughly clean your hands with soap and warm water. A good quality sanitizer can also be used to disinfect soft surfaces as it will effectively remove any traces of the virus. 


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