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Hauser Insurance Brokerage Helps Businesses Protect Against Cybercrime Threats

Hauser Insurance Group helps clients manage their risk exposures, including cybercrime and other online threats. Through diverse product offerings, knowledgeable consulting services, and state-of-the-art analytics, Hauser Insurance is well-qualified to assist clients with risk mitigation.

Working With Many Different Clients

With offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Cincinnati, Kansas City, Los Angeles, and St. Louis, Hauser Insurance Brokerage has a nationwide presence and helps many different clients.

Clients include small private companies, small- and mid-cap public companies, and large-cap public companies listed among the Fortune 500. Clients are also spread across the aviation, business services, consumer goods, distribution, energy, healthcare, manufacturing, professional services, retail, and transportation industries.

Regardless of size, industry, and location, Hauser Insurance is able to show clients their risk exposures and recommend appropriate protective measures.

Offering Many Commercial Insurance Products

Hauser Insurance’s ability to serve such diverse clients stems partly from the brokerage’s vast insurance products. A wide variety of commercial policies are available, so clients can find products that are specifically suited to their needs.

This goes for cyber insurance policies and almost every other type of policy, for Hauser doesn’t take a one-solution-for-all approach. Each client receives individual attention and gets unique policy recommendations.

Consulting Guidance From Insurance Professionals

In order to offer such individualized and specialized assistance, Hauser Insurance Brokerage has long maintained a team of knowledgeable insurance professionals.

Experts in their respective niches, these consultants guide clients through the risk assessment and mitigation process. The consultants are able to make recommendations because of their knowledge, and they often identify risks that clients have overlooked. Together, the consulting team has more than four decades of experience in insurance.

Of course, consultants are able to recommend the best policy options once risks have been properly assessed.

Utilizing Advanced Analytics Developed for Insurance

Complementing its product offerings and consulting knowledge, Hauser Insurance now also has access to some of the latest data analytics for insurance. The brokerage recently acquired CyberCube.

CyberCube was originally developed about six years ago by Symantec, a well-known computer security company. A cross-disciplinary team of actuaries, commercial insurance professionals, cyber security professionals, data scientists, and software engineers designed the analytics tool and continues to maintain it.

With CyberCube, Hauser can quantify cybercrime risks that previously were hard to talk about in definitive and non-qualitative ways. Insights from aggregate and detailed data show where a company is most vulnerable to cybercrime threats, and consultants can then help clients decide how to best protect their companies.

Providing Robust Risk Assessment Assistance

The business of an insurance brokerage is to help clients identify and mitigate risk exposure, and Hauser Insurance Brokerage has an established track record of doing just that. Now, the brokerage is even better poised to help clients consider and safeguard against cybercrime threats — which are becoming an increasingly common and serious risk.

About Hauser Insurance

Hauser Insurance has been helping commercial clients protect against cybercrime and other risks for more than 25 years. The brokerage serves clients all over the United States, many of which are involved in private equity or other financial business.

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