Commercial property sells more quickly with real estate agents

When a commercial property must be taken on the market for sale, there are 3 alternatives available for the owner:

Market and sell the goods themselves without agent involved
Market and sell the property using a specialized commercial real estate agent
Market and sell the property using multiple real estate agents on an open agency basis
Now, most homeowners want to save money marketing and commission for them to sell their own property (or thinking). This will cut out any involvement of real estate agents and theoretical savings to the Commission and possibly lower advertising costs for the owner. If the owner finds a buyer, the owner’s lawyer will make the contract of sale.

That the owner of the real estate likes to pay the commission or not, the experienced commercial real estate agent will always bring high value expertise and knowledge on the market to the real estate sales process. These two elements can help with the price obtained and the time on the market.

The single agent chosen to market the property should have a solid record with the following:

History in the region as a successful sales and rental agent
Good staff who feel in the type of property
High-level trading and documentation skills
Price sensitization recently obtained
Clear understandings of the target market of the property
Ability to exploit perspectives immediately before the end of local media marketing
A clear marketing method and a strategy that turns into the target market
A database that reflects the current local property request and provides an effective way to selectively communicate in the current property details database.
Complete awareness of other local properties with which the subject of the subject will be in competition
Internet and messaging technology that will support the marketing process for the property
Copywriting and word signaling word that represent above competition in writing ads and promotional material
Communication process that maintain the owner up to date during the campaign
Sales methods that correspond to the property and the market
An owner simply does not have this capacity described in the list; A good real estate agent does. When all these items above are fully used in real estate marketing, a property can sell quickly and at the best price considering the conditions of the market in force. This is much more than any backup of an owner think they can reach by selling the property themselves.

With regard to the owner who thinks that several agents (on a basis of the conjunction or an open list) will sell the property faster, rexpense it. When you list a property for sale in this way, it is simply a disaster waiting to occur. Buyers are not attracted by listed open goods and agents do not promote property with concentration and strategy. The sale if this happens in this way is a lucky product more than the intention. The owners should make justice to themselves and their property at the time of sale; Choose the best agent with the best track record.

Narek Harpo
the authorNarek Harpo