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When selling your home, you want to present it in the best light to sell first. Decluttering and thoroughly cleaning your home is very important to make it more appealing to potential home buyers. Even the first thing an experienced real estate agent will tell you for free when staging your home is to thoroughly clean to make it look its best as clients view it. Here are some cleaning tips to help sell your home faster.

Eliminate the clutter

First, banish all the clutter in your house to make it easy to clean. Remove all the shoes and winter coats from the doorway and box up much of your personal stuff. You may have collected a lot of junk over the years that make your house appear cluttered. You can store the clutter in your garage or keep it out of sight whenever clients come to view the home.

Clean appliances

Start with your oven and stovetop. Please get rid of all those food stains on your kitchen appliances and ensure they are all sparkless. It is best to clear as many appliances as you can from the countertops. Less clutter is always better when you are trying to sell your house.

Clean windows

Clear up any cobwebs on the windows both inside and outside, and take your time to clean them thoroughly. Cleaning windows is easy with home cleaners such as dishwashing, detergent, water, and a soft cloth. Ensure there are no streak marks left when you rinse them off. Clean windows are usually brighter, making a house appear more radiant and shiny.

Dust and clean fittings

Ensure you dust and clean all the fittings in your house, from the countertops to the light fixtures. Wiping the light fixtures leaves the rooms brighter and more appealing.

Scrub the bathrooms

Every potential homebuyer will ask to visit the bathroom and take a look. Scrub the bathrooms thoroughly to remove any moisture stains and ensure your shower glass door is sparkly. Try to depersonalize the bathroom to make it more appealing to buyers by clearing away personal items.

Eliminate molds

Mold can be a huge turn-off to a potential homebuyer, and it also causes a stale smell in the house. Mix bleach with water and use it to clean moldy prone surfaces and ensure you keep the windows open to let in dry air. If the mold has gotten out of hand, it is best to engage a mold removal specialist.


Your cleaning efforts are in vain if your house has odors. Ensure you vacuum the carpets as they tend to hold most of the odors. Thankfully, you can deodorize even the tiniest spaces with a chlorine dioxide odor bomb that oxidizes the odors leaving your house smelling fresh. You can also use fresh lemon or citrus peels to deodorize your compost.

Hire some experts

Cleaning your house by yourself can be tiring, and you don’t want to make any mistakes.  You can hire professional cleaning services to thoroughly clean your house and ensure it is ready for that sale. All in all, ensure your home is sparkless and clutter-free to attract potential buyers.

Narek Harpo
the authorNarek Harpo