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All You Should Know About Whole House Surge Protection!

Whole-house surge protection is a device that protects the electrical appliances and other electrical devices at your home from sudden power surges. The main job of a whole house surge protector is to guard your house against electrical surges which are caused by lightning and other unforeseen situations.

You might be having a bit of knowledge about home surge protection but you probably need some additional knowledge so that you can decide how power surges happen? How does whole house surge protection guard your home against surge and other related factors?

In this blog, you will find a full guide about whole house surge protection so let’s get started.

What is a surge protector?

Well, some people do think that the term “surge protector” is the same as the “power strip” but it is to note that some power strips do offer surge protection, whereas the others do not and hence they are probably two terms with the slightly same meaning.

The purpose of a surge protector is to protect against sudden power surges or energy spikes that can unusually damage your electrical appliances and harm your home in many ways.

What is a whole home surge protector?

Well, surge protectors protect one outlet and the devices which are plugged into it. These are also known as point-of-use surge protectors. A whole-house surge protector is hard-wired which is directly weaved into the electrical box at your home. This is mainly done to protect your whole house from sudden electrical spikes and hence a whole house surge protection is installed with the help of a professional.

Whole-house surge protection can protect electrical appliances such as your refrigerator, mobile phone charger, iron machine, washing machine, and other such electronic items.

Top reasons to consider whole house surge protection for your home!

Well, if your home does not have a whole house surge protection but you are looking to invest in one, here are the top listed reasons why you must invest in it. Let’s begin.

·         Technology

Modern age homes in urban areas do have more electronic gadgets than the rural areas and hence this makes the need for a whole house surge protection even more.

·         Layering

If you have bought an entertainment system or an expensive electronic gadget, you must speak with your electronic professional regarding layering your whole-house surge protection. Well, layering will be directly connected to the electrical panel at your house at the circuit point.

Benefits of a whole house surge protection!

When there’s an electrical spike at your home, it might cause you a lot of bucks for its treatment. Well, some of it might be covered in the insurance, and the rest you’ll have to pay from your pocket. But what if you did not have insurance? In such a case having a whole home surge protection will be of high help.

It not just safeguards your entire home but also protects your house from major spikes and hence this leads to a long-lasting device. This way you will save money and effort too.

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