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House Selling

5 Ways to Increase Your Home’s Value

Buying or building a house is a major life achievement. It also an investment in your financial future. Therefore, you should continuously increase its value.

But how do you increase your property value? Well, by timely mortgage payments or through upgrades and changes that increase property value.

Here’s how to increase your property value.

  • Add Usable Space

Do you know that homes are valued and priced depending on their livable square feet? Therefore, the more livable space, the better. Adding a great room, bathroom or any other needed space increases home functionality which boosts property value.

Adding more livable space makes a lot of financial sense in areas with limited space and land.

  • Clean and Declutter

Are you planning to sell your house? Take your time to clean and declutter. According to a 2019  report, the exercise can add $4,000 to the property resale value. Remember, buyers, love seeing a pristine and clean home.

And yes, the exercise is beneficial too even to those who don’t want to dispose of their property. It allows you to benefit from the extra space, being organized, and having less clutter to stress about.

  • Make Your Home Energy-Efficient

The current homebuyers place a lot of emphasis on the eco-friendliness of a house. That’s because they know an energy-efficient house saves money on their utility bills.

So, when upgrading your home appliances, opt for energy-efficient appliances. Alternatively, get a smart thermostat that improves energy efficiency in your house.

  • Work on Key Rooms: Kitchen and Bathroom

Your kitchen and bathroom are the two rooms that can simplify or complicate the home-selling process.

The kitchen is the heart of any home. As such, it is the main selling feature of the house. Installing a new floor, refinishing the cabinets, and adding fresh countertops make it look like a complete house remodel.

Ensure that all kitchen appliances are neatly kept in the pantry or cabinets to keep countertops clear. Further, all the kitchen décor should serve a specific function.

  • Choose the Right Flooring

There are several types of floorings in the market today. Each one of these comes with a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and textures.

But that’s not all! You have to balance between your current needs and those of potential homebuyers in the future. Where do you even start?

Invest in solid hardwood flooring. It is made from 100% solid lumber and then milled into a specific width and thickness. The result, a beautiful and unique flooring.

According to real estate experts, you can recoup 106% of the total costs by installing hardwood flooring in your house before selling. Even better , find wood flooring at Visit the site and experience a wide range of hardwood species that’ll boost the style and charm of your house.


The Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to spend their time and work at home. So, why not remodel it to make the most of the home you know and love?

Whether you want to renovate the home or sell it, making these improvements will increase your property value.

Narek Harpo
the authorNarek Harpo