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4 Reasons Why Elderly Homeowners Should Build an ADU in their Backyard

ADUs or Accessory Dwelling Units, more commonly known as backyard homes, is a second housing facility built within the overall extent of your home. In most cases, these miniature homes are nonpermanent but differ from the general tiny homes like the ones on RVs. Here is all you need to know about how they can benefit elderly homeowners according to the best ADU builders in Northern California.

Knowing your ADUs

Before getting on to how they can be used to your advantage, it is important to understand important pieces of background information like their types, regulations, and more which are to be taken care of by the ADU builders.

There are different varieties of ADUs to choose from, mostly based on the availability of space and resources. A few of the common designs and floor plans include

  1. Attached ADUs, where the walls, roofs, or both are shared with the main house.
  2. Detached ADUs, in which the flat is a completely separate entity, completely cut-off from the main unit.

The benefits

Building an ADU can be beneficial for anyone at any point in time, in spite of a few disadvantages it may pose. But the added perks it provides to elderly homeowners are definitely worth a mention. Here is how erecting an ADU can be a great idea according to leading ADU builders around the world.

Stable income

One of the best ways to utilize an accessory dwelling unit is to rent it out to a reliable tenant. With a dwelling unit separated out from your home, you will be able to avoid any hassles of having to share your living space as well, while you simultaneously receive a steady income in the form of rent. You can take up this practice as a long-term or short-term thing depending upon your needs and expenses.

Your ADU can also double up to serve as a vacation burrow or Airbnb, allowing you to rent it out occasionally for fairly decent price points. Be sure to check the regulations with your ADU builders beforehand as they may pose a few specifications.

Promote family visits

For the elderly, one major concern is loneliness and missing their family. BY putting up an additional ADU in the backyard, the space available for accommodating your family becomes simple, allowing them to reconcile often.

Adds resale value

Many ADU builders use this factor as a major selling point, and this is something that is greatly beneficial as well. The increase in property value and resale value upon adding the ADU is several times higher than the actual amount spent on building it. Hence, setting up an ADU is definitely a go-to method to boost the overall worth of your home.

Better security

By renting out your ADU to a student or a responsible professional, the elderly are provided with an added security blanket in the case of an emergency. This is a crucial reason why an ADU can be the best thing to do for elderly homeowners living alone.


To wrap things up, the pros heavily outweigh the cons when you consider an ADU in the home of the elderly. These ADUs can also be customized by your ADU builders depending upon your specific needs. For example, it could be modified to accommodate a small nursing unit, etc.

Once you get genuinely on board with the process of setting up an ADU in your backyard, you should know about the associated concerns and local rules and regulations you will have to keep in mind. These vary with each locality, but mostly try to lay general ground rules.

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