Birch Tree Fence and Deck Restoration

Birch Tree Fence and Deck Restoration

Birch Tree Fence and Deck Restoration

Maintaining a Fence or Deck with quality stain is much easier and less expensive than replacement. We can replace warped and broken boards, remove old  paint and treat the wood with a beautiful, long lasting stain that will preserve your fence or deck for years to come.




Fences and decks in Calgary need to be well protected to face up to our unique weather systems.

Late April 2014

Late April 2014

Early May 2014

Early May 2014








Exposed wood needs to be treated with greater frequency in Calgary than other places in Canada. The dry parching air of our cold winters in combination with the sunny, high altitude, high UV exposure causes wood to dry and crack faster than anyplace else in Canada.
But with the right products and treatment older fences and decks can get a makeover for much less than the cost of replacement.


Assessment, Power washing and Treatment

In our assessment we look at the condition of the wood.

  • Are some of the boards cracked, broken, warped and in need of replacement
  • Are they covered with old peeling paint?
  • Are there stains from rot, algae, mold, dirt, rust or mildew

washing fence

We use a power washer and, if necessary, sanders and scrapers to remove the top layers of mold, rust stains and old paint from the wood.

Whiteners will kill the mold in the wood and open the pores helping the stain to sink in.





Types of Stain:

There are many kinds of stains in the market, they range in price and quality, but over the years we have found the Behr line to be particularly durable and cost effective.

Clear Sealer: This is a sealer that will not change the appearance of your wooden structure. Generally, this sealer will not last quite as long as other sealers or stains as a result of the lack of pigmentation (the additive that creates the colour) as this helps protect against harmful UV rays as well as mask some of the accumulation of dirt.

Semi-Transparent Stain: This stain will give a translucent appearance to the wood, allowing the natural grain and texture of the wood to show throw, while still allowing you to give the desired colour to your structure or fence.

Semi-Solid or Solid Stains: These stains are naturally more solid in appearance, resulting in a more paint like look, but in the form of stain intended for exterior wood surfaces. These stains offer the most protection for a deck, fence, or other wood structure.

Its important to brush immediately after spraying.

Its important to brush immediately after spraying to prevent pooling or running of stain.

We have a 6 step process; Power wash, Spray stain, Back-brush, Spray stain, Back-brush - Assess

First we power wash the fence to remove surface debris, mold, mildew, fungus and old paint.

After waiting a day or two for the wood to dry out completely, we use a powerful commercial sprayer to get the stain deep into the wood and then follow this immediately with a brush or roller to prevent pooling or beading, an even coating is essential. After this we go back to the beginning and give the fence a second treatment of spraying and brushing.

Aging Calgary fence wood can be very thirsty. After 2 coats of stain there may still be dry spots where the stain has soaked in and still seems unstained. We will apply a 3rd coat of stain with a brush or do the entire fence if necessary.



Apply a second coat

Repeating these steps a second time will slake the thirst of dried out wood and create an even tone.

Contact us for a free assessment

If you would like to transform the appearance of your deck or fence contact us for a free assessment.

If you can send pictures and provide rough measurements, we can provide a rough guesstimate on the phone.
For more information or to make an appointment contact us by 


Phone 403-483-7877 or email

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