Motion activated lights will turn on automatically when people approach your door or when you step outside at night.

Moving to a smaller home – making the new house safe and comfortable.

Lighting on the stairs can make walking up and down stairs at night a little safer.

Lighting on the stairs can make walking up and down stairs at night a little safer.

Moving into a smaller home has a lot of advantages. But if it is a pre-owned building, it may not feel like home until some changes have been made.

Your new house may not feel like your new Home until a few changes have been made. If you purchased the home and had it inspected by a good home inspector, you may have a “To Do” list of items that need to be taken care of. In addition to that you will probably want to make some changes to the property to make it safe and comfortable.


Safety Assessment

We can do a wide range of renovations to make your new home meet your needs. In terms of senior safety we have an extensive safety assessment (free of charge) that we use to look for areas of concern. Some of the things we look for include

  • Removing trip hazards
  • Installing handles in stairways and bathrooms
  • Making sure lighting in all rooms is adequate for seniors
  • Help you to re-key all locks and make sure all doors and windows close and lock securely
  • Replace electrical outlets near running water with GFI outlets
  • Install motion activated lights outside the doors



We want you to be comfortable in your home and can help you to make your home a warm and pleasant place to live.To prepare for winter we can:

  • install quality weather stripping and caulking on doors and windows,
  • replace furnace filters,
  • test the fire and C02 alarms,
  • seal the cracks in the sidewalk and driveway
  • turn off the water to the outside faucets 



Neither my wife nor my mother would tolerate living in a place that was ugly or tired looking. If you feel the same way then we can help with a wide range of renovations to make your home beautiful.

  • Bathroom renos including new flooring, tub, shower, vanity, sink, mirror and lighting.
  • Interior & exterior painting of walls, ceiling and trim
  • New flooring; hardwood, laminate, cork, tile, vinyl, or carpet.
  • Landscaping and gardening
  • Deck and fence repairs, stain/paint installation and removal.

 Whatever it takes to make your new house safe and comfortable, we can do it.


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