Its good to be home and its even better to be able to get in the door.

After the hospital


Returning home after a traumatic injury sometimes requires mobility aids like ramps to be installed.

The effects of a traumatic injury often extend beyond the treatment and care of the hospital.

In the case of an injury that results in a decreased range of motion or reliance on a wheelchair, simple personal maintenance tasks may need to be relearned. People returning home from the hospital may find that they are unable to easily enter the house on their own, or that upon entering the home they are unable to access the upper or lower floors. It may be difficult or impossible to access the toilet, shower or sink.

The return home after a traumatic injury should be a celebratory event. The home should be a centre for healing and growth where its occupants regain their strength and move forward with their life. To that end we work with hospital discharge planners, occupational therapists and other outpatient team members to modify the home to meet the physical needs of its occupants.


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